About Us

Kids Bee Happy is now in sunny East London/Essex providing Magic Sand Painting entertainment to local children and holiday makers across the area.

Hello, my name is Bee and I have lived in East London/Essex for the last 12 years after marrying a Londoner. I am formally from sunny South Africa, where the sun never stops shining. I am married with two beautiful girls, who love the outdoor life.
To enhance the enjoyment of my children and bring joy and happiness to kids in my area, I think joining “Kids Bee Happy” is the greatest joy. I am really excited about “Kids Bee Happy” as I get to do all the things I like with children. Magic Sand Art is fun and engaging especially when it allows me to spend fun time with my children.

To see kids doing this magical painting with sand, to see their eyes and hear them saying wow, is really rewarding. Calming and happy environment, with a sense of self-education and self-expression, is the best way to spend their free time fully.

Kids Bee Happy will be out and about during the Summer entertaining children and keeping them busy across the area at events, festivals, fun days and community days. If you want “Kids Bee Happy” to attend your events, or to provide workshops and entertainment at your school, club or holiday centre then please contact me on the numbers/email above.

You will find Bee at most of the outdoor events, festivals & shows providing children entertainment, but also at indoor events like birthday parties, weddings and school workshops.

Hope to share the joy of Magic Sand Art with you soon!